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Sickest app

I've had the edgeunite app since it's very early stages and I've always loved it. The different sections of sports and the way that everybody can get a repost makes it better than most pages who only post pros. Edward is doing phenomenal.

The same of every day

Mmm looks good but it gets boring after a couple of hours

Killer app

I love it! There's all kinds of awesome pictures from all over the world.

Easy to use

Works nice and I get to stay up to date with all this stuff

Awesome app!

Hey dude. Just wanted to tell you that this app Is really awesome, and love your Instagram page. I'm JKL200. See Ya!

It's a good idea

Good concept but the app won't let me post pictures and stuff ,needs a few more bug fixes I guess


I found photography through riding bmx bikes. So now I get to take photos of what I used to love to do. Having an app that is especially for the two things I love the most is perfect.

Perfect for getting good pics of action sports

Easy to navigate. High quality content

Cool concept but it could be better

The biggest issue I'm having right now is that when I go to post a photo the camera button is out of the screen so there's no way to actually take a picture... I really like that it's focused on action sports and I think it could be a big app eventually. For a photographer trying to get some exposure it's the photos get regrams on Instagram!

Nice app

Cool concept... Only action extreme sports !! Hope to see the app on other platforms.

Great app, but it murdered my cat.

I was making Oscar (my cat) a bowl of milk, and out of now where I here Oscar crying. I run to the room to see this app has brutally beaten my cat to death. You will be missed, Oscar. RIP

Having a problem. But otherwise good.

Great app I love it but it's giving me a problem when I try to upload a photo from my gallery. When ever I select a photo no matter where it is on the screen it go's back to the camera and takes a picture as if I hit the camera button. Please fix. I wanna get my pictures out there.


Finally a social network for chill people


Great way to stay in touch with all the shredders out there!

I love it

Great app, the new update is what was missing, and now it has it all 👍


Awesome app

Like Instagram minus the food pictures

This app is really what I wish Instagram was more like. Its all GOOD photos of people doing cool stuff. It's only shortcoming is in it's relatively small user base. Download this app, you won't regret it.


Instagram for the action sports

Awesome but goes slow

This app and the concept behind it is really great I just wish the feed would load faster.

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